DEFGEMZ cooperates with various interesting  partners from industries such as sports, entertainment, health, leisure & education. Do you have that fresh and exiting idea that you would like to propose to us? Please contact us! Let’s see if we can create win-wins for all of us! Passion rulez! 

Defgemz’ partner Endrse BV (IBM / Watson) develops tech solutions for sports & entertainment industry. We combine our core businesses so we can propose synergetic and very appealing sports business propositions. We use Endrse intelligent social media profiler for content marketing purposes:  the optimisation of sports & entertainment agency and VIP’s (athletes / artists) social media channels. 

Defgemz is empowered by Sportaneous BV. Sportaneous BV holds the brands Defgemz and SportaneousNL, a sports & health publishing platform with a hard copy magazine. Sportaneous works with Defgemz Online Sports Branding & Marketing for blog development and online marketing.


Defgemz’ partner Academia de Futebol Jartazi Brazil. We partner with this Brazilian football school in an international agency Evytal Sports Management. We are combining the specific strengths of talent scouting, talent development, training and coaching in Brazil with worldwide online marketing, management and reputation building from Defgemz (Sportaneous BV): igniting media value!


Defgemz (Sportaneous BV) is partner from the HU University of Applied Sciences in the course minor Sports Management & Marketing inclusive an honours degree for the most prestigious and ambitious sports marketing students. This collaboration aims at realistic sports business experiences and practices that enriches the students in real time. 


Defgemz’ specialists inspire and get inspired by students at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences. We are committed to their sports business management, marketing and branding department. 







“We can only rock brand worlds well through cooperative partnerships; 

connecting strengths


 [ceo defgemz sven Jason Willemsen] 

partner with us.